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What is art? 

So exercise one is my response to Duchamp’s Fountain: The first time I saw Fountain I wondered what all the fuss was about, it’s just a urinal, people seem to be getting really upset about it. Now I think it’s Clever. It antagonises people into considering their concept of Art. I love the way he was challenging perception.

So I found exercise two really difficult to answer. I believe it’s art because someone has designed a concept or representation. I also think it’s the artist who decides what is art, or even at what point the piece is finished. We know it’s art usually because someone has told us it is, or because it’s labelled to help us understand the concept or artist. I don’t think it has to be in a gallery, there are some great examples of outdoor art from sculptures on roundabouts to woollen covered trees.

“to put art back in the service of the mind”

I think Duchamp meant that art needs to be more than pretty, it should provoke a reaction from the viewer, whether emotionally or intellectually.

Do I think technical skill is important? I think it depends on the intent of the artist and the art. If you’re trying to create a photorealistic image, then yes, technical skill is going to be important. I used to think it was the most important skill, but now I have seen more contemporary art maybe the message it is portraying is just as important. If we only created beautiful pieces how would we encourage discussion and debate? As an artist I feel I have responsibility towards challenging and educating as much as perfecting the latest technique in photography or oil painting. I’m starting to question whether creating art for the sake of it is actually diluting the industry, rather than using it as a platform to engage and contribute.


Stopping the attack.

So after letting the brain fog clear after reading through the Introduction to further education course, I started to feel the rising panic that I’d signed up to too much. I’ve mindmapped the course and started my first sketchbook.

That’s certainly stopped me feeling overwhelmed. It’s a lot, but I think, now I can see it, at least I can start planning my year! I’ve also done a mind map of the first unit, Contemporary Art to help me visualise that too. It certainly seems to make it easier to focus on one subject. Massive tick to the OCA for the pre-course course!


Working my way through the recommended steps.  Feeling slightly overwhelmed (read that as thoroughly overwhelmed), but excited about the journey.

SO I’ve finally arrived at starting my degree, something I thought I’d never get started. It feels like it’s been a long journey for me to here. Thought I’d take this opportunity to explain a little about me! Who am I???   I am Kekezza. *waves*

I have needed this for some time.  A focus in my life.  I have been drifting since 2012, when I received the diagnosis of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. I lost all motivation and fell through time and space. Now 4 years later I feel ready, or is that compelled, to find something to fill those hours between sunrise and sunset?

I was a professional photographer and graphic designer for  4 years, photographing weddings, families, romantic couples and products. Designing leaflets, websites, helping micro businesses move forward and attract attention.  Then I became ill and it dwindled to nothingness. It felt like a defining moment in my life…the before M.E…and the after. The bed-bound torture, the sleepless nights, the constant pain, the house-binding anxiety, the inability to answer basic questions and the constant frustration.

Then in 2016 I started to breathe again, I needed to start DOING something. At a Baroness gig in February I realised I wasn’t living, I was moving from one day to the next, existing. It took me the rest of the year to realise what I wanted to do, and how to fund it. So here I am. Hi.