Stopping the attack.

So after letting the brain fog clear after reading through the Introduction to further education course, I started to feel the rising panic that I’d signed up to too much. I’ve mindmapped the course and started my first sketchbook.

That’s certainly stopped me feeling overwhelmed. It’s a lot, but I think, now I can see it, at least I can start planning my year! I’ve also done a mind map of the first unit, Contemporary Art to help me visualise that too. It certainly seems to make it easier to focus on one subject. Massive tick to the OCA for the pre-course course!


1 thought on “Stopping the attack.

  1. FranceGamble

    I had found that focusing on one subject and then taking an hour or two break before getting into the next subject is really awesome. Take things as you can – even if that seems slow.


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