Monthly Archives: March 2017


After a break of 6 years, due to my deteriorating health, starting my degree has been the catalyst for me picking up my camera.  My husband has tried several times over the years to get me engaged back in to my photography, but with little success.  The combination of losing my mobility, strength in my upper body, and the growing anxiety in my gut prevented me from having any faith in my ability to be able to still take photographs.

Sat on Perranporth beach, with a camera strapped to my wheelchair, made me face so many emotions I felt I’d dealt with.  I had been a professional photographer. And it hadn’t been until I had to close the business that I realised just how much I LOVED MY JOB.  From those nervous brides tentatively putting their tights on wondering if the groom was sipping whisky, through to hyperactive children who barely kept still for a millisecond.  Then I got ill.

So as I tentatively dip my toe back in the photographic world,  please be kind.


Splatter patterns 

So after visiting the Royal Academy at the end of last year and seeing Jackson Pollock’s paintings I decided to have a little experiment with splatter patterns on my own….mostly because I’m after a random star pattern from some paintings I’m working on.

Things I’ve discovered…..

1) your paint actually has to be quite thick, I’ve been using acrylic and pebeo mixed media paints and I discovered that the more water/turps you add the less ‘stars’ you get and the more streaks…..pebeo straight from the little tubs is a little too thin so I’m going to have to think of a way to thicken them.

2) the coarser the brush the better and toothbrushes are fine as long as they’re a firm bristle. But as we all seem to have soft bristles in this house I’m going to have to venture into a brush shop to discover firmness and coarseness amongst commercial brushes. The best brush in my selection was actually a brush I’ve nearly binned a couple of times because it’s encrusted with acrylic paint. Sadly during the speckling process it became soft and is now actually clean!

3) droppers make great bubbles….that’ll be the large white circle shapes above. Not sure what I’ll use that for, but I’m sure something will turn up.

4) commercial painters brushes bristles are too long to get a good ‘twang’ to make the paint jump. And I thought for sure they’d be great.

So I still haven’t finished my painting, which started this process as the perfect brush is now useless, but clean!