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Place by Tacita Dean and Jeremy Millar.

Exercise 1

This a discussion piece about the historic significance of place. The metaphoric and the literal definitions of place, specifically through the eyes of artists and philosophers. The comparison between place, space and time compares philosophers with creative writers and misses the personal aspect of place. Although I found the history of landscapes through the Middle Ages interesting, the remainder of the essay is an opinion piece comparing different ramblings. By the time I got to page 15 I was losing any concentration I had and when place died I almost cheered.

The essay is about how place is a personal exploration rather than a specific factual dimension. It requires space and time to clarify a place, and events can certainly define it. Whether an artist can accurately represent a place is an interesting discussion, and taking in the geography of a location doesn’t necessarily convey a place.

I find the paintings by Komar and Melamid biased. The paintings are representations of survey responses. The general public didn’t get to choose the final pieces, they were painted after the fact.

 Man I finish by saying that this chapter is awful to read? It’s a rambling, waffle filled ‘essay’ with no structure. For someone with brain fog due to illness, it feels like wading through visual and intellectual mud.   Apparently it is not my destiny to ever finish reading this chapter. I know that by the time my brain fog subsides I will have forgotten what was in the first 5 pages. I agree that place is undefinable, which I think is the overall conclusion of the discussion.