Mixed Messages

In this blog I shall be comparing typographical message with the actual words in the message.

Photo of text from a course book.
Creative Arts Today, 2017, Visual Communication
  1. The first message is encouraging visitors to enjoy their stay. This looks, from the typeface, to be a heritage or historic place. It’s reminds me of calligraphy.
  2. This message has an urgency to it, however I find the typeface at odds with the message. It’s an older typeface, and not one usually associated with danger messages. At a glance people might not read it as it looks like an informational notice as opposed to a hazard warning.
  3. This typeface is a typewriter font, one which suggests that although these people are professionals, it’s in funky way as opposed to a serious way. Maybe a collective of authors?
  4. The message states Luxury, however the typeface is slightly arabic/egyptian. From this visual statement I’d expect the supplier of the luxury to be from overseas.
  5. The simplicity of this typeface suggests that these are home made crafts. There has been a growth in the hand made/home made craft sectors and the debate continues as to the difference between hand crafted and home made products. This typeface would suggest the later.

This exercise has reminded me, and my husband, of this meme which circulated on Facebook and Reddit. I think it illustrates the point well.


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