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Film posters

In this learning log I shall be comparing the designed communication of a movie poster with the final film. For this exercise I have chosen Glass written and directed by  M. Night Shyamalan.

Teaser movie poster released in June 2018.

We can see from this poster that M. Night Shyamalan is bringing the three characters from his Unbreakable series together. I find the image is a clever use of reflections with the alter egos on display whilst the human side is decapitated. This reveals the premis from within the film, where the main characters find themselves trapped within a mental health institute.

The establishment of colours for each character provides an interesting visual, and this is carried into later posters and the film. Although the colours are highly saturated the overall nature of the poster is sinister. The use of backlighting in the photography creates a darkness advancing towards the viewer.

Theatrical release poster for Glass 2019.

The main theatrical release poster follows the usual movie template of adding the main actors faces front and centre. An interesting change is the use of Split’s multiple personalities to add alternative characters, albeit the same actor, into the broken pane.

The typography was consistent across the posters. The simplicity of the white letters on the coloured background adds a clean, almost backlit, visual. With the main visuals remaining dark in tone the whiteness is clearly visible and draws the viewers attention towards the shattered glass.

The use of the broken glass on the final poster hints towards the fragility covered within the film. The movie negotiates the dynamic between an inpatient and their therapist. As the film pushes our heroes and villains into doubting their abilities the fragility of confidence and self esteem is revealed. The night scene at the mental health institute, used in the bottom glass fragment, sets the scene for the entire film.

In conclusion I found the movie posters were a great representation of the final film. The darkness and chaos found within each main characters aptly reflected in the broken window pane.